Rydell provides Ammeraal Beltech AmTube and Rapplon tube winder belts

Specialist belt supplier Rydell, the exclusive Australian agent for
Ammeraal Beltech, supplies AmTube and Rapplon tube winder belts.

New AmTube belts for medium and
heavy duty tubes

AmTube 500 and AmTube 700 tube winder belts feature endless woven
construction without any joint; have a special strong tension member up to 90
N/mm @ 1% elongation; and offer sealed edges.

New Rapplon belts for light and
medium tubes

Rapplon GG 11.50RR and Rapplon GG 07.30RR tube winder belts feature a stretched
polyamide foil tension member for highest efficiency and optimal elasticity;
and new rubber compound for longer lifetime with constant high friction
ensuring extremely precise spiral winding.

AmTube and Rapplon tube winder belts offer solutions for all tube
winding applications.

AmTube 500 and 700 belts

The new endless woven AmTube belts provide superior belting solutions to
cope with specific and tough conditions found on medium to heavier tube
winders. Offering high quality to meet customer demands, these belts feature Ropan
polyurethane coating for extreme wear resistance, maintaining high friction to
ensure optimal grip.

Rapplon GG 07.30RR and GG 11.50R

Rapplon flat belts featuring a tension member of highly stretched
polyamide foil are specifically designed to master high speed with precise
tracking and high load fluctuations. The shock-absorbing properties of these
maintenance-free belts extend bearing life substantially, supporting the
customer’s goal of cost efficiency.

The brand-new wear resistant rubber compound spiral winding ensures
extremely precise tubes and longer lifetime when processing small and medium
size tubes.

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