Rydell offers the complete range of Uni chains steel and plastic chains

Rydell is the exclusive Australian stockist/ distributor for the
comprehensive range of Uni chains plastic chain.

The Uni chains range of belting covers the following:

Slat Top Chains: Steel

This chain type is mainly used for conveying glass bottles in breweries
or the wine and soft drinks industries. They come in several variants including
straight running, side flexing, with or without tabs, as magnet chains and in
the special Uni Super Flex design.

Slat Top Chains: Plastic

This Uni plastic chain presents a lightweight yet strong and silent
alternative to steel chains. Used mainly in the food and packaging industry for
conveying of many kinds of containers, the Uni Super Flex tracking system is
also available for plastic chains, as are bevelled and tab chains for straight
running, side flexing and inclined conveyors.

Special Chains: Plastic

This Uni chains range includes safety chains that prevent fingers and
clothes from getting caught between the links. Chains with low backline
pressure and accumulation rollers minimise product damage as do the side
flexing ribbed chains.

Snap-On Chains: Plastic

Snap-On chains are designed with overlapping flights assembled on
special roller chains with extended pins. This is an advantage especially at
high speeds, because it reduces the noise level. Snap-On chains are very
suitable for the food processing industry.

Uni Flex Chains: Plastic

The flexibility of Uni Flex chains ensures a great number of
possibilities for applications in various industries. Most of the Uni flex
chains are flexible in several directions and some of them can be used in very
small curves with turn discs, which makes construction of very compact
conveyors possible.

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