Rydell offers Ammeraal Beltech’s Safe & Clean belt concept

Rydell is the exclusive Australian agent for the comprehensive range of
Ammeraal Beltech products.

Food safety is now more important than ever. As a leading producer of
process and conveyor belts, particularly for the food industry, Ammeraal
Beltech has developed new generations of products and solutions focusing on

The new modular belt, uni ECB (Easy Clean Belt) and the range of
sprocket driven homogenous belts are based on the Safe & Clean concept to
deliver the highest levels of hygiene and clean-ability.


Ammeraal Beltech provides a food safety solution based on: safe products
compliant with international standards such as EC 1935/2004, FDA and USDA; belt
design, colours and materials that help achieve HACCP; innovative solutions to
avoid migration; and full belt material traceability records.


Ammeraal Beltech provides cleanable belts that allow easy and fast
cleaning; drastically reduce cleaning cost; require minimal quantities of
water, detergent and labour; enable cleaning in motion; and control cross
contamination due to blue belt/ food product.

Meat processing plants can reduce operational costs and improve efficiency
using Safe & Clean belt solutions such as the uni ECB and the range of homogenous
sprocket driven belts. Both belt types improve hygiene and reduce the resources
needed to clean the belts.

uni ECB Easy Clean Belt has been developed in
close co-operation with a leading meat processing plant. 

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