Rydell offers Ammeraal Beltech’s expanded uni-chains modular belts for baking industry

Rydell presents Ammeraal Beltech’s expanded and updated modular belting range
offering a greater number of solutions for the bread baking industry.

For years the industry standard in many applications, Ammeraal Beltech’s
complete line of uni-chains modular belts has been further improved to help
bakeries achieve new heights of efficiency and product quality. New belting
solutions, along with updates made to existing belts focus on reduced product
damage, significantly improved cooling performance, and lower moisture
retention, resulting in higher-quality bread, less waste, and better food

Ammeraal Beltech offers new open-surface side-flexing belts in two sizes
for curved and spiral conveyors. The uni Flex OSB and uni Flex L-OSB belts provide
higher airflow to promote better cooling and reduce moisture retention levels.

Ammeraal Beltech also offers a new transfer conveyor solution
specifically suited to smaller baked goods for use on straight conveyor lines in
both conveying and processing applications. The uni NTB, a nano transfer belt,
is designed for tight transfer points.

Supplying belts to the bakery industry for over 60 years, Ammeraal
Beltech continues to innovate in response to their customers’ evolving needs,
supporting the brand’s reputation as a ‘one-stop belt shop’ for food processing
and packaging.

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