Rydell now supplying Ammeraal Beltech Amseal belting with durable edge reinforcement

Rydell is the exclusive supplier of Ammeraal Beltech products in
Australia. Along with Ammeraal Beltech, Rydell has made food production hygiene
a cornerstone of the business.

Ammeraal Beltech has developed a reliable protective system to prevent
belt edges from soiling and fraying. Bacteria are also prevented from
penetrating, which is an important step in ensuring compliance with HACCP

Belt edges of conveyor belts are normally finished with cut edges and
not protected against external influences. One of Ammeraal Beltech’s belt edge
protection concepts is Amseal, which completely seals the belt edge on all
sides with a thermoplastic strip.

Belts with Amseal edges are protected against all kind of external
influences and conditions. Rydell offers a wide range of Amseal belts as
standard: Nonex, Ropanyl (TPU) Peflex (PE) and Amtel (TPE)

Key benefits of Ammeraal Beltech conveyor belts featuring Amseal edges
include improved hygiene – easy to clean, less cross contamination and fabric
contamination eliminated; totally encapsulated belt – no fibre contamination,
long belt life and low cleaning costs; highly durable design/ high strength –
excellent wear resistance with low running costs; wide range of belting – one,
two and three ply belts, suitable for many cover types, possible with many
profiles; and improved visual aspects – clean belt and conveyor, modern design
and choice of many different colours.

Ammeraal Beltech conveyor belts find application in bakery, confectionery,
meat, poultry and fish processing, dairy, fruit and vegetable processing, tobacco
processing, airport and general handling, rubber and tyre, wood lacquering, agriculture,
and pharmaceuticals.

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