Rydell now supplying airport industry conveyor belts

Rydell offers Ammeraal Beltech conveyor belts for various applications
in the airport industry.

As the Australian agent for Ammeraal Beltech, Rydell can supply all
types of conveyor belts for airports to handle baggage from the check-in
counter to the reclaim carousel.

Airports around the world are getting increasingly busy with more
flights taking off and landing every day, and more passengers travelling with
several pieces of luggage. Passenger baggage is a vital aspect of airport
management; how quickly, safely and accurately it moves around within the
airport system will directly influence overall airport efficiency and consumer

From check-in to baggage reclaim, Ammeraal Beltech provides the best conveyor
belting solutions. Combining its market expertise, experience and engineering
knowledge, the belting manufacturer has been able to develop the right belt
with the highest availability and reliability, and lowest power consumption and
operating costs for airports of all sizes.

Airports and air travel thrive on new ideas and new technology, and so
does Ammeraal Beltech. These belts come in many different styles and also meet
the stringent industry demands for their applications.

Ammeraal Beltech belting solutions for airports deliver several benefits:
Based on an Energy Saving Concept, the belts can achieve significant reduction
in power consumption. The low noise operation ensures a quiet and pleasant experience
in the passenger area while enabling environment-friendly working conditions.

Key benefits also include flame retardant and antistatic properties
minimising fire hazards; impact resistance and high friction for gentle transport,
avoiding damage to baggage; and abrasion resistant, temperature resistant and
weather-proof qualities ensuring reliable operation in harsh environments.

Applications for Ammeraal Beltech belting within
the airport industry: Check-In and Weighing; Screening and X-Ray Scanning; Sorting
– Cross Belt Sorters; Sorting – Tray Systems; Sorting – Pushers and Dividers; Transportation
– Curve, Merge and Take-Away; Transportation – Merge and Take-Away; Loading/Unloading
– Belly Loading; and Arrivals Claim.

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