Rydell now stocking Gates wash down hoses

One of the main distributors of Gates’ comprehensive range of industrial
hoses, Rydell is stocking Gates Terminator multipurpose wash down hoses.

The Gates Terminator hose is built tough with a rugged cover for excellent
abrasion resistance and extended service life in applications where constant
flexing and bending is required.

This top-of-the-line premium oil-resistant hose is designed for
applications involving air, oil and water as well as grease sprays, paraffin
waxes, salt solutions and a variety of chemicals. Gates Terminator multipurpose
wash down hose offers excellent durability for extra long life in mining, air
drill, construction, poultry plants, abattoirs, quarries, shipyards, food
processing, railroads and other severe service environments.

Gates Terminator hose has excellent weather and ozone resistance and is nonconductive
at 1000 volts DC.

Gates Terminator multipurpose wash down hose has a specially blended
carboxylated nitrile cover that provides exceptional abrasion resistance and
safeguards against attack from animal fats, oils and tannins.

Gates Terminator hose has a maximum working pressure of 501 psi, 3.45
Mpa, with a reinforcement of synthetic, high tensile cords and a yellow nitrile
cover, and a temperature range of -40¡C to +100¡C continuous service.

Gates Terminator hose is available in all sizes from º” (6mm) ID through
to 2″ (50mm) ID and in reels ranging from 213 metres to 15 metres depending on
the ID size; the hose can be supplied cut to length if required.

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