Rydell longitudinal rib conveyor belting increasing belt grip

Rydell announces the availability of Ammeraal Beltech LR Series longitudinal
rib conveyor belting designed for conveyors requiring excellent grip. Rydell is
the exclusive Australian agent for Ammeraal Beltech in the Australian market.

Products in several applications are transported via an inclined or
declined conveyor where grip is of the utmost importance. Ammeraal Beltech has developed
a series of belts with elastomer covers, which in combination with their C32
longitudinal profile meet customer expectations.

Key features of LR Series longitudinal rib conveyor belting include ultimate
grip for steep incline/decline applications; high cover coefficient of friction;
excellent abrasion resistance; good impact resistance; self-cleaning cover
impression; and Ziplink versions featuring quick pin splice technology.

The LR Series longitudinal rib conveyor belts find use in applications
involving packaging; incline/decline conveying; multipurpose conveying at distribution
centres, post offices and airports; box, paper handling and processing; wood
processing, cardboard, general handling and tyre industry; and general
industrial applications.

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