Rydell lifting meat industry with sausage manufacturing belts

Rydell supplies sausage manufacturing belts for the meat industry.

Modern high speed sausage production demands reliable machine components
including belts that form an integral part of this process. Flexibility,
hygiene, speed and long service life are the key requisites that modern
manufacturers demand from their belts.

The belts are used in pairs in a caterpillar arrangement. The internal
radius of each belt forms a circular moving pocket that grips the sausage and
transports the continuous links away from the filling head.

The belt construction comprises of a highly flexible Silam cover on a
polyurethane aramide reinforced timing belt. Antimicrobial additives in the
cover support HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) programs.

In order to work efficiently in sausage processing machines the belts
are machined precisely.

To accommodate product variations in terms of size and weight, the belts
are available in nine different specifications. These enable manufacturers to
produce all types of sausages efficiently and accurately, ensuring uniform
sausage shapes.

Key product benefits of Rydell’s sausage
manufacturing belts include precise manufacturing ensuring interchangeability
with OEM components; highly flexible cover ensuring maximum productivity and
belt life, even at reduced ambient temperatures; gentle linking process and
constant transport reducing damage to sausages; antimicrobial additive
supporting manufacturer’s HACCP programs; sealed edges protecting product
contamination; and Silam cover ensuring high grip in cold and wet conditions.

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