Rydell introduces the EErgo welding tool to the Australian market

Specialist belt supplier Rydell has introduced the new Beha EErgo welding
tool to the Australian market.

The first welding tool especially developed for joining of PU
(polyurethane) and TPE (polyester) profiles, the new EErgo delivers optimised
ergonomics, super-fast heat-up time and integrated stand to avoid burns and
potential risk of fire. With these capabilities, the new welding tool is the
tool of the future for butt welding of thermoplastic belting.

Key advantages of the Beha EErgo welding tools include heating-up time of
less than 2 minutes saving precious minutes during a shutdown; built-in stand
for placing the tool safely on flat work surfaces without risking skin burns
from the hot paddle burning surfaces; ergonomic handle allowing the tool to be
held in the hand without the usual twists during the joining procedure; and innovative
temperature selector allowing temperatures to be optimised for PU and TPE profiles to ensure the perfect optimum

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