Rydell introduces the Eergo welding tool for PU and TPE profiles

Specialist belt supplier Rydell Industrial (Belting) Co announces the
availability of the Eergo welding tool for joining both PU (Polyurethane) and
TPE (Polyester) profiles.

The Eergo welding tool is the first tool to be developed for joining PU
and TPE profiles. With its optimised ergonomics, super-fast heat-up time and
integrated stand to avoid burns and potential risk of fire, this is the tool of
the future for butt welding of thermoplastic belting materials.

Heating-up time in less than 2

The Eergo reaches optimal joining temperature in less than two minutes
after switching on, saving precious minutes in the event of a shutdown.

Built-in stand

The Eergo can be placed on flat work surfaces without the hot paddle
burning surfaces, which can otherwise cause skin burns, thereby eliminating a
source of danger.

Ergonomic design

The special design and ergonomic handle allow the Eergo to be held in
the hand without the usual twists during the joining procedure, and also guided
safely to achieve an optimum result.

Innovative handling and display

The temperatures are controlled for PU and TPE,
ensuring the optimum temperature for an optimum joint. Conventional joining
paddles can be too hot or not hot enough, reducing the quality of the joint in
either case. The Eergo welding tool allows either PU or TPE profile to be
selected with the corresponding LED showing when the paddle has reached optimum
welding temperatures.

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