Rydell introduces Rapplon elastic spreader belts for the food industry

Specialist belt supplier Rydell Industrial (Belting) Co, the exclusive
Australian agent for Ammeraal Beltech conveyor and processing belting/ Rapplon
flat transmission belting, is proud to introduce Rapplon elastic belts for the
food industry.

These homogenous high quality polyurethane Rapplon belts with excellent
release properties are specifically designed for the spreader process.

Dimensional stability in combination with easy tracking and low tension
requirements, provide a reliable, low-maintenance product with an extended

The Rapplon QuickSplice technology allows users to rapidly replace the
belts on their own whenever required, without having to dismantle the equipment.

Rapplon spreader belts with
controlled elasticity

Complete all-in-one solution

Ammeraal Beltech’s new elastic spreader belts offer high quality and
easy on-site installation.

Food safety and hygiene

A must in the food industry, Rapplon’s homogenous high quality
polyurethane material virtually eliminates the risk of belt-to-food

In addition, to provide the highest level of food safety, the elastic
Rapplon belts meet the following food grade standards: EC 1935/2004, EU 10/2011
and FDA.

Non-stick P5 profile

Tested and confirmed by many customers using a variety of equipment, the
combination of polyurethane material along with the P5 profiled surface delivers
excellent release properties for even the most challenging fresh sticky dough

Easy and reliable splicing

The new belt range distinguishes itself thanks to the Rapplon QuickSplice
system. The unique, easy-to-use and speedy joining method reduces downtime and
costs by allowing the staff to perform belt replacements.

Reliable elasticity

Rapplon spreader belts do not need extensive
take-up systems, thanks to their wide elongation range of 2-6% (1.5-2% when
used as finger spreading belts). The applied tension will remain stable over
the entire service life, eliminating the need for re-tensioning, and delivering
reliable and maintenance-free operation.

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