Rydell develops ATEX conveyor belts for explosive atmospheres

Rydell in conjunction with Ammeraal Beltech offers an extended ATEX
range of conveyor belting ensuring the health and safety of workers in
hazardous areas. ATEX qualified conveyor belts are developed using the most
modern techniques, based on high quality materials and expert knowledge. The
belts are suitable for use in potentially explosive zones.

Materials in gas or dust form can become flammable or combustible,
creating a potentially explosive environment. Explosions can cause material
damage, injuries to workers, and in worst case scenarios, a fatal accident.

Equipment in these environments can only be used safely if compliant
with specific regulations. Since July 2003, ATEX directives brought about by European
legislation aim to prevent explosions as well as minimise the effects of
explosions. The guidelines specifically include non-electrical components, such
as belts used in conveyor systems.

Initially the law was applicable only for new and changed equipment
(electrical and non-electrical, including components); however, after June 2006,
the regulations require existing equipment to also be compliant.

ATEX comprises of two directives:

ATEX 137 Worker Protection Directive 99/92/EC to protect workers from
risks through organisational and technical measures such as undertaking risk
assessments and ensuring ATEX 95 compliant equipment.

ATEX 95 Equipment Directive 94/9/EC for manufacturers of equipment and
components requiring equipment to be certified by a notified body to obtain an
EC type Examination Certificate and marked with the ‘Ex’ mark. A self
assessment may also be sufficient.

Contact your nearest Rydell office for more
information on the Ammeraal Beltech approved range of ATEX conveyor belting.

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