Rydell Beltech supplying Ammeraal Beltech uni-chains range of slat top steel chains

Rydell Beltech Pty Ltd offers the uni-chains range of slat top steel chains from Ammeraal Beltech.
Both the Classic range and the Plus + range are available from Rydell.

uni-chains slat top
steel chains are high performance chains built for demanding applications and
offer an industry-leading solution for the food sector.

The uni-chains range
finds application in food packaging of jars, jams, sauces, baby food etc.; beverage
and bottling; glass container making plants; and glass container filling lines.

Classic Range

The Classic range
includes hardened carbon steel chains; ferritic stainless steel chains; and austenitic
stainless steel chains.

Plus + Range

Key features and benefits include harder
stainless steel; new surface finish; lower surface roughness; reduced sliding
resistance; suitable for high speed production lines; and more stable container

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