Rydell announces new belting range for the food industry

Rydell announces the Peak belting range of PTFE and silicone coated
belts for the food industry. Rydell is the exclusive agent for the Ammeraal
Beltech range of conveyor belting. 

Ammeraal Beltech’s Peak belts deliver a smart solution for a wide
variety of baking processes.

High-temperature bakery ovens

Flour-based products such as pastries and biscuits can be conveyed
safely and efficiently through ovens at temperatures up to +260¡C. The excellent
release properties of Peak belts mean that the baked goods are transferred
easily and undamaged, reducing mess and waste and boosting hygiene.

Press baking

Peak belts offer an excellent solution for press-baking processes involving
products such as tortillas, pizza bases and flatbreads.

Open-flame baking

Peak belts can also be used on open flame baking lines for the
production of ethnic breads such as pita and piadina.

Cryogenic freezing

Ammeraal Beltech’s Peak belts are ideal for cryogenic freezing, a food
processing technology that is rapidly gaining popularity thanks to lower set-up
costs and improved food quality when compared to mechanical food freezing.

Key benefits of Ammeraal Beltech’s Peak belts include excellent release
properties, even for sticky foods such as flour-based doughs, and sugar-coated
or sugar-based products; very low friction; high abrasion resistance; heat
resistance up to +260¡C and cold resistance down to -70¡C; chemically inert
even at extreme temperatures or when in contact with the most corrosive
chemicals; optimal airflow due to open mesh design; easy cleaning due to
non-stick PTFE coating; and EC 1935/2004 and FDA food-grade compliant.

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