Rent the Ofil UVollŽ-VX corona camera from TechRentals

TechRentals Pty Ltd has added the Ofil UVollŽ-VX corona camera to their
extensive test and measurement equipment rental range.

A handheld, battery operated corona camera that enables the user to
detect, test, record, and display both corona and partial discharge, the UVollŽ-VX
uses DayCor technology to provide accurate, reliable data relating to the
occurrence of corona in any predictive maintenance application.

Reporting, researching, and comparison analysis are simplified due to
the detection of corona intensity being presented as a count of the captured UV
events per time unit.

Key features of UVollŽ-VX corona cameras include visible and UV zoom
functionality for seamless capture of still/video footage in indoor or outdoor
applications; full manual and auto focus for UV and visible channels; GPS,
temperature and humidity interfaces; UV optical spectral range from 240 to 280
nm; and 5″ WVGA sun readable backlight TFT LCD 1000 cd/m_.

Products from TechRentals’ test and measurement range can be rented for a
day, a month, a year or more with savings offered on long term rentals.

For more information, please contact TechRentals on 1800 632652 or visit

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