Rent the GE Everest Ca-Zoom remote visual inspection system from TechRentals

Test and measurement equipment
specialist TechRentals offers the GE Everest Ca-Zoom 6.2 remote visual
inspection system for hire.

Designed to provide still image and
motion video capture along with high-intensity lighting and an integrated
temperature warning system, GE Everest Ca-Zoom 6.2 remote visual inspection
system comes with the PTZ-140 pan tilt camera module offering 36x optical zoom and
12x digital zoom capability.

The PTZ-140 camera module fits
140mm openings. When used with the supplied telescopic mounting pole, cable and
strain relief mechanism, the camera module can be lowered or extended into a
void, tank, tower, pipe or other body of water for remote inspection.

Key features of GE Everest
Ca-Zoom 6.2 remote visual inspection systems also include industrial waterproof
packaging to 45m or 4.5 bar; supplied with 1.8m to 3.6m telescopic mounting
pole and 30m cable; and optional PTZ-70 camera module (to fit 76mm openings) available.

A wide range of test and
measurement equipment can be rented from TechRentals for a day, a month, a year
or more. Significant savings can be achieved with TechRentals’ new long-term
rental rates.

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