Reliable measurement results under tough conditions ZIRKOR oxygen analyzers from SICK

Reliable measurement results under tough conditions ZIRKOR oxygen
analyzers from SICK

The new oxygen analysers in the ZIRKOR series are extremely rugged and
combine high quality with innovative performance. The precise devices for
combustion optimisation are easy to operate and completely reliable. They take
measurements directly after combustion so the oxygen value can be perfectly
adapted to the fuel.

Reliable oxygen measurement is just as important for controlling an
optimised combustion process as it is for emissions monitoring. In one of the
toughest applications of industrial process automation, the analyser must be easy to integrate and extremely resistant.
Optimal combustion, however, relies on perfect dosing. Too little oxygen will
result in incomplete combustion and, therefore, increased CO emissions. Too
much oxygen, on the other hand, leads to very high heat loss via the exhaust

The ZIRKOR series provides an oxygen reference value for emission
measurement in order to ensure reliable measurement results. There are three
versions available: ZIRKOR100 for smaller plants, ZIRKOR200 for large
combustion plants, and ZIRKOR302 for adjustment without test gas.

Tough performance – easy to operate – precise analysis

The ZIRKOR100 is extremely rugged thanks to its innovative cell
technology. The integrated cell diagnosis function keeps maintenance work to a
minimum,and all important information can be accessed via ZIRKOR Remote.

The ZIRKOR200 is a high-tech analyser with simple connection options. It
can work in ambient temperatures of up to 1,600 ¡C without any problems and
calibrates itself automatically. Thanks to its variable probe lengths and a
higher number of interfaces, it can be installed in all kinds of plants and
applications. The model that works in temperatures of up to 600 ¡C is also
certifiedin accordance with EN 15267.

The main difference between ZIRKOR302 and the
other two analysers is its automated calibration using the ambient air. The
tried-and-tested flow sensor principle does not require any test gases for this
calibration and ensures a continuous, exceptionally precise measurement even at
high temperatures. The analyser is available with an optional integrated
measuring gas pump or an ejector powered by compressed air.

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