Reduce energy and maintenance costs with EDUR multiphase DAF pumps

EDUR multiphase DAF pumps have the ability to simplify DAF systems,
helping operators reduce both energy consumption and maintenance costs. Their
unique ability to handle air enables them to replace the air saturation tanks,
compressors and complicated controls associated with ‘conventional’ DAF

Available from Hydro Innovations, EDUR multiphase DAF pumps can draw
atmospheric air into the suction line, shear it, mix it with the water being
drawn from the ‘clean’ end of the DAF tank, and saturate the air into the water
through pressurisation.

The simplicity of the system lowers energy consumption since no compressors
are involved. Additionally, there will be a significant reduction in
maintenance costs. There is no pressure vessel to continually certify, no compressor
to maintain, and no more complicated control system to operate.

A single EDUR pump can handle DAF inflows from as little as 10 cubic
metres per hour up to 600 cubic metres per hour – higher inflows can be handled
using multiple pumps. This system is expected to meet the needs of municipalities
for wastewater treatment as well as food processing, paper processing and other
industrial applications that employ DAF systems.

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