Re-scan confocal microscope for biological applications

Scitech introduces
the re-scan confocal microscope from Dutch microscopy company

The new re-scan
confocal microscope is based on Re-scan Confocal Microscopy (RCM), a new
super-resolution technique that uses standard confocal microscopy extended with
an optical (re-scanning) unit that projects the image directly on a CCD camera.

The RCM provides a
C-mount interface with microscope and camera, and includes two scanning-mirror
sets – the scanner and the re-scanner. While the scanner scans the specimen,
the re-scanner writes the emission signal on the camera chip.

Key performance
highlights of the new re-scan confocal microscopes include an axial resolution
of 600 nm and lateral resolution of 170 nm at 488 nm excitation; quantum
efficiency of 80-95% (depending on the camera); scan speed of 1 fps at 512x 512
resolution images; and configuration flexibility with excitation wavelengths
using up to 4 lasers (e.g. 405, 488, 561, 632 nm), and emission wavelengths
with up to 4 emission bands.

The RCM technology
is useful for biological applications, which require a combination of high resolution
and high sensitivity.

The RCM is a cheaper alternative to a confocal microscope and allows you to upgrade existing microscopes.

For more
information, please visit the Scitech website or call (03) 9480 4999.

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