Radio Rentals relying on ATDC’s security doors to protect stores and merchandise

The high value products at Radio Rentals stores are being protected by
security doors from The Australian Trellis Door Company.

Established in the UK in 1930, Radio Rentals moved into televisions, video
recorders and a range of white goods to become a great success story. Beginning
their operations in Australia with a single shopfront located on Market Street,
Sydney in 1937, Radio Rentals is currently the country’s leading household
appliance, technology and furniture rental company with over 70 stores in
Australia and nearly 30 stores in New Zealand. The parent company is Thorn
Group Limited.

Given the high value of the products stocked in their stores, Radio
Rentals is a natural target for break-and-enter incidents. For many years, the Group
has been relying on the high level of security provided by ATDC’s security
doors to protect their stores and merchandise.

ATDC’s flagship shopfront door is their model S06 security door, which is compliant with the Australian Standards for Sliding
Security Doors having successfully passed the stringent testing requirements
for Dynamic Impact, Anti-Jimmy and Pull Testing.

Many of Australia’s leading retailers
are installing ATDC’s shopfront security doors to protect their stores against the
break-and-enter threat. ATDC’s security doors are a relatively inexpensive yet
effective deterrent and favoured by both loss prevention managers and insurers

ATDC is a well renowned security licensed company with a solid trading
record dating back to 1984. ATDC’s shopfront security doors enhance the
customer-friendly retail experience without giving a locked-up impression.
These security doors feature a concertina design that slides back neatly out of
the way and out of sight during retail trading hours. When the store is closed
for trade at night, they provide a formidable deterrent while also allowing the
retailer to maximise the visibility of their products on display.

ATDC’s shopfront security doors also offer special emergency egress where required under the BCA; this includes the ability to implement
keyless locking on exit from the premises while still retaining the security
provided by these doors.

Key benefits of ATDC’s shopfront security doors include the ability to
significantly reduce side stacking through innovative storage minimisation
techniques; and an eye-catching edgy look with sharp jagged lines and angled
metal parts allowing customers to keep up with the latest in architectural

ATDC’s shopfront security doors are currently
sold in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Canberra as well as in
all regional towns across the country including Newcastle, Geelong, Wollongong,
Townsville, Darwin, Hobart, and the Sunshine and Gold Coast regions. They are
also exported to South East Asia, the Asia Pacific, Pacific Islands, New
Zealand and the UAE. 

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