RADCOFLEX Metal Bellows Expansion Joints

RADCOFLEX Australia, leader and innovator in the design and
manufacture of flexible hoses and expansion joints, presents its Metal Bellows
Expansion Joints, designed to be fitted into a pipeline to absorb movements in
and forces exerted on the pipeline.

These metal joints consist of a metal bellows element with
flanges or pipe weld ends fitted to facilitate the bolting or welding of the
joint into a pipeline. The bellows element is a metal cylinder into which
circumferential convolutions (corrugations) are formed to create a flexible seal.
These convolutions flex when the joint is subjected to forces within the piping
system, generally thermal.

The number of convolutions in the bellows depends upon the
amount of movement the bellows must accommodate or the force that must be used
to accomplish this deflection. Pressure thrust forces are required to be
absorbed by other devices attached to the bellows or adjoining pipework,
including anchors, hinges, gimbal rings, or tie (control) rods.

A metal bellows expansion joint can be fabricated to
accommodate axial, lateral or angular movements. Of the three, angular movement
is the least severe on the bellows element, with lateral the most severe.
Control devices can be attached to control the direction and amounts of
movement that the expansion joint achieves.

To discuss your specific application needs,
contact RADCOFLEX at sales@radcoflex.com
or 1300 456 456.

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