QuickLabel Kiaro! D extra-durable inkjet colour label printers for high speed printing

QuickLabel introduces a new range of inkjet colour label printers
designed for low cost label printing at high speeds.

QuickLabel’s Kiaro! D prints durable labels that maintain their legibility
and colour fastness even when dirty, wet, scuffed, and exposed to sunlight and
chemicals. Labels printed on the Kiaro! D using the cutting-edge pigment ink
formulation and QuickLabel’s qualified label stocks comply with GHS hazard
warning labelling regulations, one of the most stringent physical label
standards in the world.

This durability of the Kiaro! D colour label printers makes them perfect
for bottle, carton, case and pack labels that require printed product pictures,
logos, colour codes, barcodes, and other variable data elements. Colour shoe
box labels, hardware labels, electrical labels, lighting labels, industrial
product labels, and colour warehouse labels are some examples of Kiaro! D’s
broad application range.

Key features and benefits of Kiaro! D inkjet colour label printers
include reliable operation; 5.9 ips print speed and 1200 dpi print quality; ability
to print labels from 1″ (2.54cm) to 4″ (10.16cm) wide and up to more than 15″ (38.10cm)
in length; compatibility with matte polypropylene and paper label
materials; and no requirement for lamination to make durable labels.

The Kiaro! D presents an efficient and cost-effective alternative to the
traditional two-step process of pre-printing colour labels, and over-printing
them with barcodes and variable data. An essential component of a LEAN
manufacturing best practice, Kiaro! D label printers allow companies to print
complete labels on-demand in a single step.

Starting from blank stock, the Kiaro! D prints full-colour product
labels directly from digital sources such as enterprise systems, barcode
labelling software, or graphic design software.

QuickLabel is represented in Australia and New Zealand by Metromatics

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