QuickLabel introduces the Kiaro! External Pause Control module

QuickLabel announces that its Kiaro! and Kiaro! D printers can easily
support loose-loop integration with automatic label applicators using the new
Kiaro! External Pause Control module.

The new interface module provides all the functionality necessary to
fill a loose loop, triggering the Kiaro! to print a batch of labels, pause, or
stop. The Kiaro! External Pause Control module allows a Kiaro! or Kiaro! D
label printer to be controlled via a simple pause/go pulse from a host label
applicator system that can be connected to the printer using a system

Users can also employ the module to download a batch of labels and
print/eject one label at a time using a button on the module. This pre-programmed
module eliminates the need to read and understand the commands that are sent to
the printer, or to program the controller to send those commands at the right time
and in the right sequence.

The Kiaro! External Pause Control module can be configured to print a
single label at a time, or multiple labels (2, 5, 10, 20, 50 or 100) or the
entire print job. The unit operates in ‘Standard’ printing mode by default,
where the Kiaro! automatically manages print head cleaning and maintenance
between print cycles.

Key features of the Kiaro! External Pause Control modules include simple, seamless
integration of Kiaro! and Kiaro! D with external devices such as label
applicators; costly, time-consuming control system programming and debugging
eliminated; LCD display acting as a local status monitor for printer activity
with no need to refer to the host computer for detailed printer status; over 65
status/ warning/ error messages; and multiple configurable internal or external
logic levels supporting connection to a wide range of external devices.

The Kiaro! External Pause Control module comes with a one-year warranty fully
supported and guaranteed to work with the Kiaro! and Kiaro! D label printers by
QuickLabel Systems.

The module measures 102mm W x 57mm H x 124mm D.

QuickLabel is represented in Australia and New
Zealand by Metromatics

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