QR code integrated into energy chains for easy info access

Energy chains from igus are integrated with a QR code
to allow machine builders simple online access to complete information about
the product. Users can scan the QR code for easy part identification,
procurement and assembly instructions.

From a purely mechanical product up to an online
calculable and networked machine component, igus continues to digitalise its
tribo-products. In addition to online tools and self-monitoring smart plastics,
the company now equips its energy chains with a QR code, which is integrated
directly into the e-chain. Machine builders can scan the QR code using a
smartphone or tablet to learn more about the product online.

To make the process of identifying, configuring,
operating and maintaining machine components even easier for the engineer, igus
takes advantage of the huge potential offered by digitalisation. In addition to
the 33 online tools and smart plastics products, which increase plant safety
through sensors and artificial intelligence, the motion plastics specialist now
equips its energy chains with QR codes. By connecting the online and offline worlds,
igus enables faster information, easier assembly and spare part procurement via
the Internet for the machine builder.

The QR code located on the crossbars and side parts of
the energy chain is scanned by the engineer using a smartphone or tablet camera.
The engineer is then directed to the online portal, where igus provides all the
important information about the product including photos and videos that show assembly
instructions. Important assembly steps are shown in slow motion for better
understanding, helping the user reduce set-up times and simplify initial

The QR code also simplifies the process for ordering
spare parts for energy chains. Intuitive illustrations on the website help the
engineer understand the structure of the igus part numbers and recognise the
different components.

With a QR code app and camera, all the necessary
information about the e-chain can be easily and conveniently accessed via a smartphone
or tablet. Just try it with the QR code in the image above.

For more information, please visit the Treotham Automation
website www.treotham.com.au or call
1300 65 75 64.

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