Qalcosonic E1 meters certified for cooling energy accounting

AMS Instrumentation and Calibration announces that Qalcosonic E1, a
range of heating and cooling meters manufactured by Axioma Metering has been
granted a German Cooling Approval certificate.

Issued by the German National Metrology Bureau PTB, this certification
allows all European residents to use the Qalcosonic E1 meter not only for heat
but also for cooling energy accounting.

“Unlike heat, cooling accounting in the European Union is not uniformly
regulated by the Measuring Instruments Directive (MID); hence, its requirements
are set by national documents. This certificate is appreciated and acknowledged
in many EU countries,” says Mantvydas Vaiƒçius, Head of Commerce Department
at Axioma Metering.

For the certification, Axioma Metering submitted an application six
months ago, along with samples of the Qalcosonic E1 meter. The PTB Laboratory
examined the documentation provided and verified how these meters work in real
terms. Besides, an accelerated lifecycle test was carried out, which
demonstrated how the company’s meters would operate in 10 years.

Axioma Metering has
been manufacturing Qalcosonic E1 meters since 2011. Around 50,000 meters are
produced each year with a majority exported to Scandinavian countries, Germany
and Italy. 

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