PT Hydraulics releases filter regulator lubricators

PT Hydraulics Australia introduces a new range of filter regulator
lubricators designed for use with its larger air motors.

The air leaving a compressor contains hot, dirty and wet contaminants,
and is pushed out at a higher pressure than the requirement of the downstream
equipment. Over the period of a year, a typical 47 litres/sec (100 scfm)
compressor will push 4500 litres of water and 8 litres of degraded compressor
oil into the system along with considerable amounts of dirt particles.

Before this air is suitable for use, it needs to be treated to remove
the contaminants, have its pressure reduced to the right level, and in many
cases have oil added to lubricate the downstream flow.

PT Industrial’s new filter regulator lubricators have been designed to
resolve this problem. Modular in design, these units are easy to install and
will ensure the air lines are clean and suitably lubricated.

PT Hydraulics also offers a range of high
pressure regulators that are ideal for applications where the pressure range is
above the capabilities of standard regulators. These high pressure units can be
used with systems running up to 16 Bar.

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