Pro-lift Maxwell lifting magnets introduced by Magnet Sales Australia

Magnet Sales Australia has recently released a new range of lifting magnets; the Maxwell B series Lifting Magnet. The spring loaded safety catch holds the Maxwell lifting magnet handle in the on position, meaning a 2 handed On/Off operation ensuring better safety in use. These lifting magnets have an inbuilt 3:1 safety ratio, meaning that the break force of the job is 3 times the safe lifting capacity of the Maxwell lifter.

The Pro-Lift lifter remains in Magnet Sales Australia’s range but the Pro-Lift Maxwell B series lifting magnets is a welcome addition to the range.

Magnet Sales Australia’s customers are now able to weigh up the benefits of the two types of lifting magnets available and make an informed decision as to which style of lifting magnet suits their individual requirement and lifting application.

Magnet Sales Australia has a team of experienced consultants that are readily available to help and advise either over the phone or in person, with any lifting magnet application.

Maxwell Pro-lift lifting magnets are supplied in 2 sizes; 300KG lift capacity and 600 KG lift capacity. This is likely to increase to 1000 and 1500 KG lifting magnets in the range and possibly up to 2000KG.

The Standard Range of Pro-lift lifting magnets ranges from 100KG trough to 6000KG.

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