Prevent expensive pump cavitation damage with Vortab Elbow flow conditioners

AMS Instrumentation and Calibration presents the Vortab Elbow flow
conditioner designed to keep pumps running, reducing maintenance and extending
pump life.

Recommended for process engineers responsible for keeping pumps running
in plants crowded with equipment and awkward pipe layouts, Vortab flow
conditioners offer an effective low-cost solution to eliminate turbulent fluid
flows that cause pump cavitation, which can lead to line shutdowns, expensive
maintenance and shorter pump life.

Pump cavitation is caused as a result of liquid swirls and bubbles forming
in a pipe, with the turbulent asymmetrical flow patterns creating a vacuum
suction leading to high pressure shock waves on reaching the pump’s impeller. The
resulting stress on the impeller blades pits them and requires extra
maintenance or costly replacement.

All pumps require a smooth, regular symmetrical inlet fluid flow profile
for efficient operation. Pump manufacturers typically recommend a length of straight
pipe to be placed upstream from their pumps to avoid creating the turbulent
flow conditions that may lead to pump cavitation. However, such a long straight
pipe run could be impractical in many instances because of insufficient space, or
the need for elbows and U-joints, flow meters, valves and other equipment.

Installing a flow conditioner will usually solve the problem of irregular
flows prior to contact with the inlet port on the pump. Vortab Elbow flow
conditioners, for instance, mimic the straight run needed for efficient pump
operation and remove asymmetric velocity flow profiles, helping to achieve a pre-conditioned
flow stream. Additionally, the 90-degree angle tab-type Vortab Elbow flow
conditioner eliminates the straight pipe run cost and installation technician

The Vortab Elbow was developed using the same tab-type flow conditioning
technology as the straight run Vortab flow conditioners, which have been
laboratory proven and successfully installed in hundreds of plants worldwide.

The simple, flexible designs of the Vortab Elbow, the Vortab Insertion
Panel (VIP) and the Vortab Insert Sleeve, Short Run, Meter Run and Field Kit
configurations provide a cost-effective solution to crowded installations for
flow meters and other critical process equipment. Vortab provides the most
effective flow disturbance isolation and lowest pressure drop, and is the least
affected by fouling among all flow conditioners available.

Vortab flow conditioners are available in carbon steel, 316L stainless
steel or Hastelloy C-276, with a choice of process connections including ANSI
flanges, male NPT threads, butt welded preps or retaining wafers. Custom configurations
are also available from the factory. 

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