Polyurethane sleeves for slurry knife gate valves growing in popularity

Polyurethane sleeves for the Dual range of wafer and flanged slurry knife gate valves have been extensively tested in harsh slurry applications, yielding extremely satisfying results.

According to Justin Mirto of Dual Valves Australasia, a growing number of customers are specifying polyurethane as their preferred sleeve material for Dual’s range of push-through style knife gate valves. This option has now been added to the standard range of sleeve materials stocked and available for use in both the wafer and flanged versions of Dual’s slurry knife gate valves.

The standard range of sleeve options now includes Pure Gum Rubber, Nitrile, EPDM, Viton, Chlorobutyl and Polyurethane.

Justin Mirto explains comprehensive test work and site trials on all sizes up to DN600 have yielded extremely satisfying results in some of the worst abrasive slurry applications. End users have reported excellent results in Dual valves operating up to 10 Bar working pressure, also proving to be an extremely cost effective solution in a number of installations. 

He adds that the development of polyurethane sleeves in their slurry knife gate valve range fits in nicely with Dual’s longstanding philosophy of offering customers high performance with excellent value.

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