Polycarbonate panels keeping it safe at Sydney Harbour

Abrasion resistant polycarbonate panels from Allplastics Engineering have
been installed at Sydney Harbour as a measure of safety for visitors enjoying
the beautiful views.

Sydney Harbour offers stunning views of landmarks such as the Sydney
Harbour Bridge and Opera House, delighting both residents and visitors.
However, safety panels and barriers are required to minimise the risk of
accidents and deter ‘climbers’ from going over a dangerous edge.

The polycarbonate panels from Allplastics Engineering are 250 times
stronger than normal glass, making them virtually unbreakable. Additionally,
the abrasion-resistant coating on both surfaces allows the panels to be safely used
in the public domain, regardless of exposure to knocks. The panels can be leaned
against or bumped into without fear of causing scratches or breakage.

Allplastics’ polycarbonate panels have been
extensively specified and installed as safety barriers in many public venues including the Sydney
Football Stadium, Sydney Bridge Climb, train and bus stations, swimming pools,
universities and much more. These panels offer a strong, reliable and safe
alternative to glass in any application that prioritises public safety.

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