Polex develops dust collection and separation system for chocolate manufacturer

Polex Environmental Engineering installed a new dust collection and
separation system for the Clovelly Group, creators of Cicada Artisan Fine
Chocolates. The company believes in using ethically sourced produce and no
additives are used in their products.

The Clovelly Group’s bean to bar process where the beans are roasted,
cracked, winnowed and refined to produce a superior chocolate required a robust
coffee separation system to separate the coffee nibs from their shells.

The coffee nibs are introduced into Polex’s feed hopper with the mixture
drawn through a cyclone separator that separates the coffee nibs into a
collection drum and passes the shells through to a dust collection unit.

One of Polex’s innovative Econo 3000 shaker type dust collectors was
chosen for the application, collecting both the shells and any fine dust
produced in plastic bags. The separation system is powered by a 3 kW materials
handling fan capable of up to 3000 m³/h of airflow. The airflow capacity can be
regulated by a variable speed drive to optimise separation of the coffee shells
from the nibs.

Following the installation of the dust collection system, the Clovelly
Group has seen a vast improvement with their separation processes and a
significant reduction in manual labour. The Clovelly Group was extremely
satisfied with the outcomes.

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