Pneumatic control valves from Dual Valves Australasia

Pneumatic control valves available from Dual Valves Australasia are used for general purpose control and safety applications such as remote start/stop of flow, pressure relief, flow control, pressure control, level control and excess flow shutdown.

The control system of the pneumatic valves consists of a flow, level, S.G or pressure transmitter with an analogue output of 4-20mA, an analogue switch receiving the signal from the transmitter to close or open a set of N/C or N/O contacts, as well as a 4/3 directional solenoid valve activated by the analogue switch to determine the NGD valve’s control position.

The NGD pneumatic valve’s actuator is a natural and integrated part of the valve and is ideal for plants or pump stations where compressed air source can energise many valves.

Key advantages of Dual pneumatic control valves:

  • Off-the-shelf pneumatic valves, fittings and pneumatic components enable any control and safety application
  • Cost effective and reliable actuating and control system
  • Low pressure actuating and control system

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