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A one stop engineering solutions provider for mining, mineral processing, conveying and corrosion protection, Thejo is committed to making a difference in the materials handling sector, aiming to increase the efficiency and profitability of material handling operations by making the environment cleaner and safer.

In line with its vision as a world-class supplier of bulk materials handling solutions, Thejo offers various services that complement its product line and improve return on investment.

Thejo director of sales Rajesh John says the company has introduced new strategies to increase the business offering under the services vertical from existing clients, while retaining its core strength – upkeep of belt conveyor system.

“Sustainable Synergetic Solutions (SSS), is a specialised, comprehensive offering, focusing on an engineered solution, taking overall responsibility for optimum performance of the equipment system by integrating product and service capabilities,” he says.

“Our vast experience, technical expertise, standardised system and procedures and integrated capabilities form the basis for offering total solutions with optimum resources.”

Through the SSS offering for transfer points, Thejo ensures that transfer chutes function effectively, efficiently, and economically.

When combined with other ancillary products viz belt cleaners, impact beds, skirtings, belt trackers, dust suppression systems, wear and abrasion liners, SSS offers high ROI to clients through higher performance life, while reducing pollution and increasing the safety levels of operations.

“With our wide network of service centres, we foresee a steady but significant growth of our service business,” John says.

“The company focuses on innovation through research and development, developing diverse products to meet the needs of customers and society. We have successfully developed products meeting the stringent operational requirements across the mining, mineral processing, material handling and corrosion protection applications.

“Ranked among the top 25 Innovative companies in India by Confederation of Indian Industries for the years 2019 and 2020, Thejo was also the winner of Top Innovative Company Award (Manufacturing – Medium Sector) for 2020.”

Harikrishnan R, the product vertical head, highlights few of the recent advancements in research and development activities done by Thejo, including: VULKAN GEN-4 Control Panel, HERCULES Dynamic Impact Beds, DYNATRACK Belt Aligners, TITAN R-TRACK Belt Cleaners, and BAZOOKA Air Blasters.

VULKAN GEN-4 automatically controls and monitors the three essential parameters (pressure-temperature-time) during the vulcanisation process while splicing a conveyor belt to minimise manual errors.

The parameters can be remotely controlled and monitored by a process expert. This invention also enables real time data logging of the parameters and helps build a data base for future reference.

It has a user friendly touch screen interface for setting or editing the parameters, a provision for live video streaming and recording the entire splicing operation for monitoring as well as future reference is also present.

The TITAN R-TRACK belt Cleaner features a track mount blade holding arrangement where the specially designed blades can be slid in and out of cleaning position.

The patented cleaning element consists of TC tipped metallic blade mounted on a specially designed poly-urethane support, which cushions the impact of splices and metal fasteners, while maintaining constant cleaning pressure.

“We are trying to make cleaner blade replacement without stopping the conveyor. This means the technician can go there, remove the blade, and replace the blade without stopping the conveyor with minimum human interference.” Harikrishnan says.

The Hercules Dynamic Impact Bed is a  unique belt support system, which would retain the natural shape of the belt as well as absorb the impact of material on the belt.

This patented design can naturally accommodate any troughing angle eliminating the need of customisation.

The new product combines the advantages of Garland idlers and shock absorbers to provide a dynamically adjusting impact bed which automatically adjusts to the troughing of the conveyor belt.

“The concept is currently being trialled and hope to launch it into the market within in the next six months,” Harikrishnan says.

The BAZOOKA Air Blasters / Air Cannons discharge a strong blast of compressed air into silos/bins/storage vessels to dislodge any material build-up and overcome flow problems even under the most adverse conditions.

Bazooka features a patented Dual Piston valve assembly which helps to achieve at least 20 per cent more blast force than conventional air blasters. The filling time for successive blasts is reduced by at least 40 per cent compared to conventional blasters.

BAZOOKA has been launched in the market and is getting a very good response from our customers. Harikrishnan says the company is expecting good business from the cement, steel, and iron ore mines for Bazooka.

John says Thejo’s wide network of service activities and 24/7 contact with clients provides it a channel for constant feedback which quickens and optimises its product innovation cycle.

“Digitalisation is another key pillar of our upcoming product improvement initiatives. Our endeavour is to make our products capable of collecting real time information to enhance the efficiency, safety and reliability of the system,” John says. “Thejo’s unique strength is our ability to combine products and services, and offer solutions where we take ownership of client’s system and deliver on agreed outcomes.”

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