Photometrics Iris 9 sCMOS cameras with large field of view

The new Photometrics Iris 9 available from Scitech is a scientific CMOS
camera featuring a large field of view and offering high resolution images at
high frame rates. The Iris 9 sCMOS camera is recommended for live cell
microscopy, light sheet microscopy, multi-colour fluorescence, high content
screening, and tiling applications.

Key features of the Iris 9 sCMOS cameras include a 9 megapixel sensor
with a 17.8mm field of view maximising the number of cells captured in a single
frame; 4.25µm x 4.25µm pixel area providing highly detailed images across the
imaging plane, allowing for Nyquist spatial sampling at 40X magnification;
ability to capture dynamic cellular events at 30 frames per second for the full
frame, and at thousands of frames per second with regions; 73% quantum
efficiency maximising signal detection; and low noise levels maximising dim
signal detection and allowing for the use of shorter exposure times to minimise
cellular photo-damage.

For more information, please visit the Scitech website or call (03) 9480 4999.

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