Phoenix LED light panels for high efficiency lighting

The Phoenix series of LED panels from ProDesign Lighting delivers a
highly efficient light source for residential and commercial environments.

Offering up to 75 lumens per watt, the high efficiency LED light sources
are compliant with the 2006 Building Code of Australia efficacy requirements;
dramatically exceed the ‚â•40 lumens/W output by almost double; and provide substantial
savings from the extended LED life of 50,000-plus hours.

The Phoenix series includes LED lighting products and integrated
lighting controls.

Key features include soft and diffused output, creating an almost
shadow-free source to suit office environments; choice of two colour
temperatures, 3500K and 5500K with an auto sensing 90-254VAC power supply;
simple installation and operation; and additional Master/Slave lighting
solution allowing for a number of Phoenix LED panels to be networked together to
provide integrated LED control over whole floors from one location.

An optional IR sensor and remote can be provided for a smooth dimming
curve, which can also be integrated into the intelligent control systems
utilised in modern-day lighting technology.

The Phoenix series LED panels are available in a
range of panel sizes including 300mm x 300mm, 18w 1350 lumens; 600mm x 600mm,
72w 5400 lumens; 1250mm x 300mm, 72w 5400 lumens; and 1250mm x 450mm, 72w 5400

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