Phenosys Jetball rodent virtual reality system

The Jetball by Phenosys is a novel virtual reality experimental system
based on an air cushion supported spherical treadmill that allows a restrained
rodent to navigate in virtual space. Brain function can be examined with
electrophysiological, imaging and optogenetic methods while the animal performs
behavioural tasks employing navigation, cognition, learning, or memory.

These platforms offer a revolutionary concept for research on animal
learning, memory, cognition, and navigation. They provide an environment of
optimal control when investigating how animals process complex information.
Furthermore, simple and complex behaviour can be explored in-depth.

Available from Scitech, Phenosys Jetball finds application in virtual
reality navigation, electrophysiological and optogenetic methods, 2-photon
laser scanning microscopy, intracellular dynamics during virtual navigation,
operant conditioning and learning and memory processes, intracellular dynamics
and population activity of hippocampal place cells, grid cell firing fields in
virtual environments and neocortical neural coding during decisions.

The virtual reality platforms are highly flexible and modular solutions.
Stimulation is not only visual but can be extended to 3D sound, odours and
tactile information. It is easy to interface to existing hard- and software for
in-vivo measurements or brain stimulation such as electrophysiology setups.

The basic package includes TFT Monitor Surround System 270¡, Spherical
Treadmill (Ball Holder, two balls), Dual XY-Motion Sensor, movable rack,
computer (pre-installed: PhenoSoft Control, PhenoSoft Schedule, PhenoSoft VR,
Virtual Corridor 2 m, control monitor, keyboard, computer mouse, power supply
unit, pressure regulator system (compressor is not included).

For more information, please visit the Scitech website or call (03) 9480 4999.

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