Pervidi’s paperless work order system tailored to your business

Pervidi’s paperless work order system encourages businesses to work
smarter and more efficiently, reducing their dependence on paper-based processes.
Pervidi uses technologies appropriate for each user to offer in-house
implementation or a hosted/cloud solution (SaaS).

Pervidi’s mobile device-based paperless work order system is designed
for field personnel with the user utilising a web portal/ browser to record,
edit, print and complete their work. Data collection has been simplified by
standardising functions and drop-down lists. The hardware agnostic application
has the ability to support multiple mobile devices.

Pervidi’s paperless work order application delivers multiple functionalities
including customisable maintenance and inspection templates, forms and
checklists; all information required by a technician or inspector to perform
their tasks, including task list, activities, instructions and references to
relevant codes and policies; picture-taking and integrating the image with work
order data without additional ‘manual’ procedures; and offline mode in areas
where internet connectivity is not available.

With Pervidi paperless work order application on their mobile devices, technicians
can take images, ‘doodle’ on their pictures as required, and assign the picture
to the appropriate line item on their work order/ inspections with a minimal
number of ‘clicks’. The application can also interface with ERP/EAM/FM systems
or function as a standalone system.

The Pervidi paperless work order management application also supports mobile
printing in the field; barcode and RFID capabilities; speech-to-text for quick
data entry; automatic tracking of parts and labour to apply to jobs/ projects/ timesheets;
electronic signature; customised reports; and automatic corrective actions,
notifications, escalation and flexible scheduling.

The Pervidi paperless work order system, available from Techs4Biz Australia, is focused on simplicity and ease of use, seamlessly fitting with any
business model through a fully tailored solution. Pervidi banks on almost 20
years of industry experience to tailor effective work systems for their
clients, incorporating specific business needs as well as industry best

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