Patented no drip air atomising nozzles preventing waste

Compressed Air Australia introduces a new range of 1/8 no drip internal
mix air atomising spray nozzles from EXAIR, designed to mix liquid and air
inside the nozzle and produce the finest atomisation.

Similar to EXAIR’s standard atomising nozzles in operation, the patented
no drip internal mix atomising spray nozzles have the added benefit of positively stopping liquid
flow when the compressed air is shut off.

When spraying any type of liquid, post-spray liquid flow can cause big
problems. Drips occurring after spraying lead to wastage of precious resources
such as expensive coatings, chemicals or water – this wastage can now be eliminated
with EXAIR’s patented design.

Unwanted drips can ruin product function on sealing or mating surfaces
and also spoil the appearance of painted or coated finishes. EXAIR’s no drip
air atomising nozzles are ideal where no post-spray drip is permissible. When
the compressed air supply is shut off, the no drip nozzle positively seals off
the flow of liquid, eliminating the possibility of drips.

The EXAIR 1/8 no drip internal mix atomising nozzles are available in
three different liquid patterns: narrow angle round, wide angle round, and flat
fan patterns. No drip internal mix atomising nozzles are available with 1/8,
1/4 and 1/2 inlets with a variety of liquid flow values to suit your
application. These are ideal for pressure fed applications where precise liquid
flow is needed. Internal mix nozzles can be used on liquids with a viscosity up
to 300 centipoise.

Applications include painting, coating, rinsing, cooling, quenching,
wetting (moistening), dust control and humidification. The compact atomising nozzles
are fully adjustable to match your application’s liquid requirements and have
interchangeable liquid and air caps. They are CE compliant and conflict

For further information, please visit the Compressed Air Australia
website or call 1300 787 688.

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