Parts produced for interactive installation at children’s science exhibition

Ezi-Duct was recently involved in a unique project for children when
they were engaged to create specific parts for an interactive installation for
Melbourne’s ScienceWorks’ latest permanent exhibition, Ground Up: Building Big
Ideas, Together.

Initiated to help spark lifelong interest in Science, Technology,
Engineering and Maths (STEM) among young children, the exhibition aims to use
real-world industrial materials to create a space where children are encouraged
to build and create.

Ezi-Duct created bright orange powder-coated bends to be attached to
fans to create a playground where children could build and test flying
contraptions in wind tubes. These bends feature smooth pressed construction of
1.5 CLR, minimising any chance of the little flying inventions getting caught
in the wind tubes.

Scott Parker, the lead designer on this project, was impressed with the
speed in which Ezi-Duct was able to create and supply these customised bends.

A proud Australian manufacturer, Ezi-Duct produces modular ducting in
Australia at one of their three factories located in Melbourne, Sydney and
Brisbane. Ezi-Duct can produce customised ducting systems for any project
within a quick timeframe.

The exhibition, Ground Up: Building Big Ideas,
Together, opened on December 4th, 2017 at ScienceWorks (Melbourne) just in time
for the holiday period. 

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