Paperless Solutions: Implementing CMMS in Mine Sites

most businesses, mining organisations around the world are always looking for
the next way to put themselves ahead of their competitors, improve safety
standards, or reduce their costs and improve operations. Such thinking
sometimes requires rethinking and redesign of the structure of the business and
its operations. Today, many organisations are looking towards digital and
mobility, in an attempt to improve their efficiency and reduce costs. Digital
is already revolutionising many different industries in different ways,
transforming processes like occupational health & safety (OHS) asset management,
quality assurance, inspections and maintenance management. These systems are
working of a backbone Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS),
functioning like a digital ecosystem working behind the scenes of your mine.
Often paired with a mobile device, this digital tool can allow mines to rethink
what’s important to ensure organisational growth and long-term sustainability.
Modern digital solutions ensure that mine operations are future-proof, allowing
updates and data flow to be performed over-the-air (OTA), as well as new
industry regulations or organisational standards and processes to be integrated
as quickly as possible. Future methods and procedures that become
necessary with the natural advancement of technology can be introduced to the
business with ease; digital and mobility are made to be kept up to date.

Some of the features of mobile tech in use for mining

Mobile tech can give a plethora of new
features for users to take advantage of. Premium inspection applications allow
the user to make use of a smartphone or tablet loaded with a paperless CMMS application,
running off iOS or Android operating system. Such mobile devices take advantage
of hardware features like the camera to provide the functionality of taking
pictures during maintenance, shut down or inspections or even use the camera
for scanning barcodes or RFID of assets across the mine. The touchscreen of
mobile devices allows users to annotate their images or make drawings or
highlights to add additional detail to a work order or an inspection. The paperless
checklists construction can also increase data entry thanks to standardised
response or systematic structuring, reducing the needs of certain sections if
other data has been already specified. Whilst disconnected from the internet, maintenance
personnel and operators can still record data; the only needs for internet
connection being the sending of data to the server or downloading fresh inspection
or maintenance updates. 

Benefits of paperless CMMS in mining

The features of the mobile device are also
beneficial for the back-end system. Images taken, readings, or details recorded
will be catalogued against the assets in the database, creating a detailed
representation of an asset’s performance and trends. This information can be
used by maintenance teams to adeptly gage whether repair is necessary, and the
wear an asset may have experienced through its life cycle. This is made
possible because of the full life cycle cradle to grave tracking that each
piece of equipment can be provided with, made possible through cataloguing of maintenance
reports and filing of assets against their operations. Management can also
hence perform accurate return on investment (ROI) analysis of each asset or
equipment piece, seeing its maintenance downtime, necessary repair costs and
uptime against production.

Access to a 24/7, 365 day a year database
has many benefits when compared to a filing cabinet at a worksite. Not only is
it easier o perform ROI analysis, but all information is accessible at any
time, from anywhere. This is particularly beneficial for international or multiregional
mines who can allow different teams to access different sections of the
database. This helps to ensure that maintenance activities are homogenous
across mines spread across geographical areas, a problem many organisations
struggle with. Mining firms who also need to update their supply chain or own
departments of new industry regulations or organisational objectives can hence
also take advantage of the digital transfer of information. With access to the
database, maintenance checklists can be uploaded or changed remotely, allowing all
stakeholders across the business, wherever they may be located to see how
things should work.

Things to consider when choosing and implementing Paperless
CMMS in mining

When considering different options for a variety
of providers for Paperless CMMS in mining, there are things to consider that
can make the choice more straightforward. How you will use your paperless system
depends on the mine needs and requirements, including how you measure your key
performance indicators (KPIs) and your ROI.
Other things like the scalability, interface with ERP system, CMMS provider
background, Mobile device options, training and support offer, as well as the
customisation abilities make a big difference when implementing. For
information about paperless CMMS within business in general, or for information
about a CMMS provider providing premium paperless CMMS, please visit our
website or contact us.

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