As we all know, the business industry is evolving rapidly due to the new approach of modern technology and especially mobile technology. In order for companies and organisations to adapt to these rapid changes, more efficient and secure procedures need to be taken place to maintain the same or an even higher level of competence. This cannot be done without having the right amount of efficiency, technology and flexibility. Paperless safety inspections delivers organized, user-friendly solutions to small, medium or large organisations in any field with complete mobility. Paperless safety inspections solutions effectively manages safety and compliance activities using a wide range of software components, including, thousands of paperless checklists to cover a wide range of topics and industries, customisable and tailored packaged solutions, wireless connectivity, decision-based inspections and numerous more operations to benefit your business.

Using paperless safety inspection apps and checklists provides a wide range of solutions and configures any template, form or checklist to meet certain requirements for organisations. This assists businesses to successfully run field operations, monitor safety activities and manage resources in a smooth and adaptable manner. Far too often, safety inspectors and other field personnel find themselves submerged in their complicated and cumbersome paperwork and filing systems, it negatively impacts their daily operation and disrupts the order of the company. By managing safety and compliance inspections in the workplace digitally, this enables businesses to easily and efficiently structure and perform tasks as well as saving time collecting and analyzing the data. A common fault that also impacts safety inspectors is that they lack the tools to adequately gather data in the field and are obliged to rely on notebooks, clipboards, and external devices such as cameras and GPS devices. By providing inspectors with paperless mobile applications on their mobile device, this undeniably improves field activities, saves an enormous amount of time, minimises the risk of human error, removes or decreases any safety hazards as well as eliminates any variables that could negatively impact the data collection process. To continue, some paperless inspections applications can be provided as a turnkey package of training, reporting and software. It can also be delivered with consulting, or as a factor of an entirely customised solution as part of the organization ERP (Enterprise resource planning).

Industry leaders across various fields are benefitting of the new mobile technology which is now incredibly common in the work environment. As employees are already greatly familiar with current mobile technology, the application of converting from paper to digital format is remarkably straightforward and efficient. Safety inspectors and field service personnel can make use of consistent devices such as smartphones or tablets that can process a much greater volume of paperwork in comparison to traditional offices. Industries such as Mining and Resources, Oil and Gas, Food Processing, Safety/OHSE, Manufacturing, Logistic, Essential Services, Quality Assurance and Construction have all converted to paperless inspections and checklists to manage compliance and mitigate risks.

What makes going paperless so unique and beneficial? This not only creates a more organised and flexible workplace, it has an immense amount of benefits on our environment. Did you know, on average, a tree produces around 17 reams of paper (or 8,000 sheets), and takes roughly 80-100 years to grow? Producing 17 reams of paper releases 50kg of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Consider how fast your office might use 17 reams of paper compared to how long it takes for those reams to be produced. Luckily, applications that are managed digitally do not have this problem. In another perspective, using paperless inspections and checklists also have a large amount of economic advantages for a business as it saves money on resources such as, paper, ink, printers, storage, handling time etc.

Ultimately, before you consider any operation that involves paper in your organisation, think going paperless. Businesses need to adapt to these changes in today’s world as well as take an eco-friendly stand, and it is guaranteed, there is no better way to do that than using paperless application for your inspection requirements.  

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