Paperless Inspections- Pervidi – The Mining Leading Inspection Solution

Pervidi’s Inspection Solution tailors its
functionality specifically for the mining industry by building the solution
custom to the specific needs. Every mining site is unique in layout and in
composition, and so both the operation and or inspectors’ needs will also be

Today the
inspection industry can take advantage of mobile devices like never before. Rugged
and Intrinsically Safe devices give inspectors and operators the possibility to
use software as a method for recording in the mining sites, with all the
features and functionalities of a tablet /smartphone associated with it. The
camera function, long battery life, speech-to-text services and easy annotation
on the device gives operators and inspectors a versatile input method. The
glaring problem of inspection methods in outdoors areas is that there is rarely
a Wi-Fi or internet signal strong enough to penetrate the earth’s bedrock. The
latest digital inspection checklists combat this through offline recording
abilities meaning no inspector is location restricted throughout the mining
site. Such a wide variety of features in today’s mobile device means inspection
checklists can therefore become a more detailed and accurate piece of

Benefits for Mine
Site Management:

solutions also represent a valuable inspection method for those managing the
process. In-depth analysis and metrics mean dynamic reports can be created via
the software. This, like the storage of the data can be in-house or through
cloud-based computing, removing the need to store dusty paper checklists
storage spaces.

Pervidi automates checklists, work
orders and any type of mining inspections, making inspections more rigorous and
more time cost efficient. Inspectors and other employees can benefit from the
digital solution as they are able to use the same inspection software across
the mining site, all the data and results synched on one platform. This is
especially useful for mining operation with a range of safety inspections and
compliance activities, as there is a clear audit trail and simple sharing of
data with 3rd parties if desired. Safety inspectors and other
stakeholders can have numerous custom checklists created to inspect all
compliance elements of the mining activities.

Inspectors and management are ofter overwhelmed with the numerous regulations, standards and codes that the must abide and refer to and need to reference. Large and bulky paper manuals can be cumbersome to carry to and from each location as well as unnecessarily time consuming to navigate. Pervidi luckily allows any paper reference material to simply be attached to any checklist and quickly referenced to. This allows for a more efficient work and inspection progress as well as minimising the weight of necessay guidance material.

Uses of Pervidi in the mining industry today:

Asset Inspections:

Pre-start checks for vehicles, plant
and equipment, asset tracking, preventative maintenance of assets and
equipment, lifting equipment, fall protection, PPE and any other safety and compliance

Site and Workplace Inspections:

Perform any type of OH&S, JSA,
SWMS, JSEA, QA inspections. Record all tool box meetings on your mobile device.

Incident Reports:

Recording of any incident or near
miss on the mobile device – including taking embedded photos and action
required. Custom reports can be generated and sent automatically to the correct
parties in real time.

best way to stay ahead of the game is through digital inspection checklists. Go paperless with your all your mining safety inspection

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