Paperless inspection software for marine surveyors

A marine survey involves the inspection of marine vessels and equipment
to ensure continued performance, identify potential problems and provide the
assurance of safety. Conducted by professional marine surveyors, a marine
survey encompasses ongoing inspections and vessel surveillance with reports
typically covering the structure, equipment, machinery, as well as the
condition of the vessel. These inspection reports provide detailed audit trails
and a log of measures to abide by set safety regulations.

Existing paper based inspection systems can now be replaced by Pervidi’s
digital inspection software, available
from Techs4Biz Australia, helping marine surveyors complete their
inspections with better accuracy, reliability and efficiency of data
collection. The high flexibility of Pervidi software allows the user to create custom
checklists and audits for any process and operation, ensuring comprehensive safety

Audits, inspections and

Audits have an impact on safety and operational efficiency as they can identify
potential problems better, helping prevent future events. Marine audits
achieved through Pervidi software include vessel condition survey, navigational
audits, vetting and fleet compliance, equipment/ staff audits, Common Marine
Inspection Document (CMID), and Marine Inspection for Small Workboats (MISW).

How Pervidi can make a difference
to marine audits

Pervidi’s inspection software can be tailored to the specific audit
requirements of the marine vessel or operation. With this flexibility, Pervidi
can directly fulfil the client’s means of use and assist dramatically in
improving their risk assessment and inspection process.

Key capabilities of Pervidi
paperless inspection software:

Automated inspections

Pervidi can be configured to automatically create corrective actions
based on deficiencies recorded by inspectors. These corrective actions can be
automatically emailed to the appropriate user with all information required to
rectify or correct the deficiency.

In-house/ Cloud data storage

Users can store the collected data from marine surveys on their
company’s in-house system or use Pervidi’s cloud server, each option having its
own unique advantages. While in-house storage provides long term cost savings
and easier integration, the Cloud is backed by Pervidi’s expertise and
maintenance of data.

In-house consultants

Professionally trained consultants deliver ongoing support, advice and
recommendations on conducting inspections efficiently using Pervidi software.

Key features of Pervidi inspection software also include customised
checklists; ability to capture and annotate photos of final product; direct
communication to office database in real time; speech-to-text capability for
additional data collection; integrated barcodes and RFID for quick
identification; and electronic signatures, date, time and GPS stamps.

Marine inspection software

Pervidi equips marine inspectors and surveyors with the required software
tools to ensure safety standards and inspection processes are conducted
accurately and efficiently. Pervidi is committed to work alongside marine
surveyors to eliminate threats to safety and prevent operational disruption.

The comprehensive Pervidi report includes a full assessment of
navigational performance, with positives and negatives highlighted and clear
recommendations made in line with best practice. In addition to standard
inspection templates, Pervidi can also follow a specified/ provided format.

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