Paperless Inspection of Food Safety

In today’s world, food
safety is more paramount than ever. With more dietary needs taking to the
mainstream, it’s important to keep on top of what your putting in your culinary
products. Mobile data collection is revolutionising the process of food inspection;
by using a mobile device (e.g. smartphone or tablet). This method of collection
offers a wide array of advantages for food audit, safety inspection and quality
assurance along the supply chain; reducing the risk of human error, increasing
speed of checks, all whilst ensuring personalisation and consistency.

Paperless safety
inspection is much more advanced than ‘traditional’ inspection. The result of
data being collected in the field in real time on a device is dynamic reporting
and analysis; available both on the device and back-end system. The food safety
inspector can make comments and measurements via regular typing, drawings or
annotations or images taken by the device camera. Everything recorded can be
instantly sent back to the office, giving management a speedy inspection result.
Required actions can therefore be implemented promptly, all while ensuring
transparency and accuracy. The back-end also gives several other benefits
exclusive to paperless inspection users. Organisations can take advantage of automated
scheduling and allocation of inspections, to increased productivity rates via
suggested corrective actions; reducing lead times and ensuring better planning
opportunities. By automating aspects of the food inspection process, data
quality, consistency and reliability increase, whilst there is often an overall
reduction in cost. Organisations can clearly see the ROI against strategic and
operational objectives.

If you’re thinking of providing the best products to
businesses or individual consumers, you need to ensure you have the best
processes and methods in place. No one benefits from an old and ineffective
paper system, and everyone wants to be sure of what they’re putting in their
body. Ineffective cheap methods can potentially harm business growth and
customer happiness if something goes wrong. The best solution? Go paperless
with your food safety inspection. 

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