Paperless app for solar installations and inspections

Techs4Biz Australia presents a new paperless app from Pervidi designed
to simplify solar installations and inspections, and increase efficiency in the

Solar installers and professionals are turning to paperless automation
systems for their installations and regular inspections. By doing so, they not
only benefit from greater flexibility, improved reporting functionalities and
increased efficiency but also ensure legislative requirements are met.

Working in conjunction with web portals, the paperless solar app allows
users to customise their required checklists to match their specific needs,
covering everything from safety checks of fall protection equipment to
electrical and commissioning tests as well as instructions, technical documents
and relevant codes and standards.

Solar installers can combine a mobile device with the right inspection
application to achieve operational efficiencies, control and accountability,
leading to increased productivity, profitability and quality of work

Pervidi’s paperless solar app allows users to customise and review
information required to complete tasks including checklists, potential results/
readings or outcomes, electrical/ commissioning testing, and acceptable
threshold values (for collecting field data), among others.

The app enables the technician to access customer and asset information
and history including details of previous installations, repairs and/or
services; produce reports or invoices as required; easily scan barcodes of
equipment to improve efficiency while minimising opportunities for human error;
and have offline access to Australian standards and technical documentations
from their mobile devices.

The user can maximise the capabilities of the Pervidi app by taking photos
of the installed solar equipment (e.g. inverters, panels, batteries); integrating
images with work order data, making notations on the pictures, and assigning each
picture to the appropriate line item on their work order/ inspections with
minimal number of ‘clicks’; producing reports with photos embedded; and using speech-to-text
feature to enter comments as well as mobile printing, barcode and RFID

The paperless app can also automatically track parts and labour and
apply the data to timesheets (if applicable); provide for electronic signatures;
interface with ERP/EAM/FM systems or function as a standalone system; simplify data
collection by standardising functions and dropdown lists; and produce
custom-made reports, as required, using portable printers.

Digital checklists and instructions create a proactive environment for
safety concerns to be addressed and ensuring compliance to existing standards
as it becomes more engaging to management and other stakeholders. Real time
activities need real time solutions – like the Pervidi paperless solar app.

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