Pakor Flute boards offering cost-effective protection in versatile applications

Pakor Flute boards from Allplastics Engineering are a
range of twin wall polypropylene sheets designed for use in the construction, packaging,
industrial, material handling and aquaculture sectors.

Part of Allplastics’ broad range of materials, Pakor Flute
board is a general purpose fluted substrate offering good resistance to
chemicals and water. Though lightweight, the board is strong enough for most
applications where cost matters.

For instance, Allplastics’ Architectural and Building
division offers niche materials such as PERSPEX, Plexiglass, Design Composite, Zenolite
and Polycarbonate sheets. Pakor Flute sheets are used to protect these materials
during transport, storage and onsite handling.

Pakor Flute sheets are recommended for building sites
where floors, carpets and walls need to be protected from potential damage
during work being carried out by tradespeople. Pakor Flute sheets offer a
cost-effective solution for preventing paint, dust or objects from marking
expensive finishes.

The sheets are 100% recyclable and suitable for outdoor
use in the short-term.

Pakor Flute sheets are available in a choice of
colours including Black, Yellow, Blue, Red, Green and White.

Typical applications include carpet protection, aquaculture
tree guarding and sheet separation (glass, acrylic, timber), as well as in automotive,
food and beverage, signage, and point of sale environments, among others.

Pakor Flute boards are available in 1830 x 1220mm and
2440 x 1220mm sheets. Printing grade with Carone treatment is also available.

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