optoNCDT 2300-Laser Triangulation Displacement Sensors

A new high-performance, compact laser triangulation sensor for
displacement measurement is now available from Bestech Australia, the optoNCDT
2300.It is available with eight different models with measuring ranges from 2mm
to 300mm, giving the user flexible choices to choose from their specific

The laser triangulation sensor measures the displacement of
an object based on the change in the position of reflected light from an object,
that is registered by the receiver. The optoNCDT 2300 offers the advanced
real-time surface compensation feature with improved dynamic capability. With
the maximum sampling rate of 49.14kHz, this enables a more precise real-time
surface measurement.

The sensors arrangements are carried out by user-friendly
web interface. The optoNCDT 2300 series can also be used for vibration
monitoring or measurements on the challenging surfaces, such as on diffusive
and specular surfaces. Other models such as 2300LL and 2300DR are specifically
designed of measuring in shiny and metallic surfaces and reflective surfaces,

This sensor has also found value in a wide range of different
applications such as in thickness measurement of steel, plasterboard and transparent
materials, deflection measurement and R&D test and measurement activities.

The optoNCDT 2300 can also be easily configured using a
user-friendly web interface. It also capable of providing data in both digital
and analog output via C-Box. Its versatile connectivity makes it possible to be
easily integrated in any industrial environment. 

Bestech Australia
03 9540 5100


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