Options to consider for clear hygiene barriers

The global COVID-19 pandemic has led to the adoption of various safety
measures at retail stores, service centres and similar customer-facing businesses. Clear sneeze
guards and hygiene barriers have been installed in environments open to the
public to protect employees, customers and visitors. These clear acrylic or
polycarbonate screens provide safety while maximising transparency.

While these solutions are available for the retail sector, what would be
the options for institutions such as schools, universities and workplaces once the
restrictions have been lifted by the government?

Allplastics Engineering has been fabricating hundreds of these protective
solutions over the last two months, applying the company’s 40-year experience
in the industry to the new challenge.

Clear bent acrylic sneeze guards are made to the user’s requirements,
generally from 4.5mm or 6mm thick acrylic with a base that can be attached to a
counter or benchtop. These can be fabricated as individual units for each
counter or as a continuous barrier with customised cut-outs at the bottom.

Acrylic – known in the industry as PMMA (Polymathy Methacrylate) – is
widely recognised with brands such as Perspex. Plexiglas is a rigid
thermoplastic that’s a more economical and shatterproof alternative to glass at
half the weight.

The second option in hygiene barriers is designed for applications where
they need to be flat packed for ease of transport and quick assembly.
Polycarbonate sheets – 4.5mm or 6mm thick – are cut to shape and have matching
slotted interlocking ‘feet’ with double-sided tape that can go on a counter or
a desk. Polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable and 250 times the strength of
normal glass.

Polycarbonate is well-known with brands such as Lexan, Makrolon, Tuffak
and Paltuff. This lightweight and virtually unbreakable material is ideal for
security glazing.

The third variation in clear barriers is designed to segregate patrons
in venues such as cinemas, clubs, pubs, restaurants and cafes as well as
classrooms, lecture halls and offices. Both clear acrylic (PERSPEX) and clear
polycarbonate are used in thicknesses of 4.5mm, 6mm or 10mm depending on the
situation. Allplastics can fabricate bespoke barriers to heights and widths
suited for any specific use. These barriers can be supplied with powdercoated
frames that can be moved easily in the classroom, office or hospitality venue.

The robust Made in Australia partitions are portable with durable
casters built to last, allowing venues to relocate the barriers from one
section to the other with ease.

The partitions have clear polycarbonate inserts but can also be supplied
as whiteboards or magnetic chalkboards.

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