Non-alcoholic wine market set to expand

Surpassing a valuation of more than US$ 10 billion, the non-alcoholic
wine market is projected to grow at an impressive CAGR of over 7 per
cent during the forecast period. The beverage industry is undergoing a
transformation with the rise of ‘healthier’ categories of non-alcoholic
beverage variants such as non-alcoholic wine. Compared to traditional
wine, low and non-alcoholic wine is soaring on popularity owing to the
development of non-alcoholic wine which has more flavor, depth and
sophistication and caters to a large segment of the population.
Consumption of non-alcoholic wine and other beverages is increasingly
becoming one of the mainstream trends which is shaping the global
beverage industry. The convergence of these patterns is underpinning the
exponential growth for the non-alcoholic wine market over the forecast

Key Takeaways of Non-Alcoholic Wine Market Study

  • Europe
    leads the non-alcoholic wine market, holding shares more than 40 per
    cent in 2018. The wine markets in Europe are well established with Italy
    and France having the highest per capita consumption of over 35 liters
    per person per year.
  • Although volume and value growth are modest
    in Europe, North America is anticipated to be the most important
    non-alcoholic wine market in the world with a growth rate of over 8 per
  • In 2018, the alcohol-free segment comprised more than 50
    per cent of the total share of the industry. Increasing adoption of
    these products as a form of sports drink has enhanced industry growth,
    especially among athletes.
  • Supermarkets represented more than 20
    per cent of the total beer market. With several innovative ways to
    boost consumer spending on non-alcoholic wines, supermarket chains are
    thriving on increasing sales.
  • The online stores segment is
    projected to grow at the highest growth rate of over 9 per cent between
    2019 and 2027. Inclination under the category of non-alcoholic wine to
    e-commerce and e-tailing is bringing about shifts in customer buying

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